What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Politician in Society- Sandeep Saini

People who hold government office or use other methods of influencing law and public policy are referred to as politicians. Moreover, government decisions for the community they represent can be influence by politicians working on a local or national scale. During decision-making, politicians advocate for certain core beliefs they plan to uphold in their relationship with constituents. Each level of government has its own set of politicians. These elected officials represent our interests at all levels of government, govern, address issues that affect us, and enforce our laws. Moreover, a person working in this field needs charisma and leadership skills to win the hearts and minds of the public. However, it is not necessary to have a specific path to become a politician. Legislative aides and lawyers are common paths to this position. So here are some Role and Responsibilities of a Politician in Society that a politicians should know.

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How do you define politics?

In politics, almost anything that relates to government is considered politics. Furthermore, in a broader sense, politics refers to anything associated with people who seek to govern or serve in government. It derives from the Greek word polis, which means “city.” Furthermore, the concept also indicates the achievement and exercise of authority in a community. Power and resources are distributed in a given community through this study or practice.

Role and Responsibilities of a Politician in Society?

For the State or the Government to run efficiently, politicians are vital. Representatives must perform a variety of duties For example:

  • Communicate with constituents
  • Issues that concern the public should be heard
  • Commit to committee work
  • Make laws
  • Budget creation and approval
  • Election campaigning
  • Deliver a speech
  •  For those weaker, so with a backward mentality, etc.

An Indian youth politician and leader- Sandeep Saini

At the age of 26, Sandeep Kumar Saini became the Union State Minister and the chief advisor in the Parliament of India. The youth of India is the key to success; it is what he believes in. Furthermore, any kind of goal that Indian youth set for themselves can be easily achieve in any field. He says that we are instantly empowering India by empowering the youth of India. Additionally, as a Youth Politician, he has to motivate the youth of Rajasthan. This will allow them to take a lead role in national responsibility resolutions. Among the politicians in India, he is consider as an icon by the youth. Moreover, his efforts to benefit society and the nation are continuous.


The topics discussed in this blog are about a politician, Politics, the Role and Responsibilities of a politician, and Youth Politician and Youth Leader Sandeep Saini.

Sandeep Saini is the face of new India and a Youth Leader in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. For a developing youth leader, he is very confident, and he says that Self-development is being independent, conducting research, making decisions, and being autonomous. Youth is encourage by him to work as a Youth leader in India.