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Sandeep Saini – Member of Parliament | Work | Responsibilities: The Member of Parliament is the representative of the citizens of India. They are chosen directly through elections and universal suffrage. Sandeep Saini is the Member of Parliament and Youth leader in India. India has a type of legislature that is divided into two categories Rajya Sabha and Lok Shaba. Hence, Lok Sabha has the 550 maximum strength of members of which 530 represent the constituencies and states, whereas 20 members represent union territories. The current strength of Lok Sabha is 543. The coalition of parties or the party that is in the majority in the Lok Sabha chooses the Prime Minister of India.

Member of Parliament | Work | Responsibilities- Sandeep Saini

Members of Parliament go through a lot of things not only in elections but also have to prove themselves, whether they are right of the people or not. There is an eligibility criterion they have to go through. The person who is going to be a member of parliament of the Lok Sabha must satisfy the following terms and conditions to be qualified;

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • The age of the candidate must not be less than 25 years.
  • The particular person must be a voter of any parliamentary constituency.
  • They must make a security deposit of Rs. 25,000

Members of Parliament perform many different roles. They are multi-functional ones with having a capacity of three primary groups. Member of Parliament elected representative of an electorate, and Member of a particular political party. They have lots of responsibilities.

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Members of Parliament work on parliamentary committees. The Responsibility of Members of Parliament states concern towards the public who trusted them is equally important. They must look over the questions and ideas raised by their district or electoral region. The prime function they perform is to participate in the law-making process.

Also, It is very important for a member of parliament to work and raise matters of concern in the parliament and attract the attention of the parliament whenever there is a need for any policy implementation which affects the people directly. Discussions and deliberations constitute one of the main functions of a Member of Parliament. This is their responsibility to represent public views and aspirations in the parliament.